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"Jewels for the Journey"
Feature Length Film

Now, for the first time, the true story and factual account of the daring “Crime of the Century”.Experience first hand the historic robbery of the priceless JP Morgan Gem Collection from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Follow this overly talented All-American kid from concert stage, surfing and tennis champ, to playboy, adventurer, and then to the very “End of the Line”, a solitary confinement cell in one of America’s most notorious prisons. Murf the Surf is still alive and up to exciting new capers that have tough-guys around the globe holding up their hands crying “Mercy.”

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"Let's Make an EPIC Film"
The RED digital camera, which has been upgraded to the EPIC, produces pictures with higher quality than 35MM Film. Hollywood NOW makes FILMS with this amazing VIDEO camera!
The EPIC is engineered to be a DSMC™ (Digital Still & Motion Camera), a camera that excels in both worlds ... by design. Providing native dynamic range of over 13 stops and resolution that exceeds 35 mm motion picture film, this is the camera of the epoch. Add to that RED's newly developed HDRx™ extended dynamic range technology and EPIC boasts an amazing dynamic range of up to 18 stops.
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Image Artistry and the FILM INDUSTRY
Since the late 80's Domenic and Charlie Fusco have worked closely with MovieGuide to promote family friendly films producing a syndicated movie review television show for MovieGuide as well as critically reviewing movies. MovieGuide provides a yearly report to the entertainment industry showing where the money is to be made in films. Many are surprised that films with Biblical ideological content do almost twice as well financially than their secular progressive counter-parts.

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